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Fjallraven Hunting Trousers

Fjallraven offer a wide range of trousers suitable for all types of outdoor pursuits. Whether trekking, hunting or general outdoors wear, there is a pair to suit every activity. The range includes the classic fit, which is Fjallraven’s signature trouser made from their G-1000 fabric, to their MicroTravel for warmer climates and with a more relaxed fit to keep you cool. Added benefits of all Fjallraven trousers are ease of washing, insect proof and most can be waxed to provide extra protection when weather is inclement.

At The Sporting Lodge, we’ve thoroughly tested the full range of Fjallraven trousers. The Greenland Trousers were our first pair, bought in the 1980s and still going strong!

We’ve selected some of our favourite Fjallraven hunting trousers, chosen for their comfort, and heavy wear in cold, wet and muddy conditions. Our resident all-round hunter has used and abused these trousers in the UK and Europe for two years.

Fjallraven Brenner Pro Trousers (£175)

The Fjallraven Brenner Pro trousers stand out amongst the Fjallraven family, as they’re equipped with several leg pockets to store essential items from money to a flashlight. They replace the original Brenner trousers, and go further in terms of quality in areas that have to deal with extreme usage. Knee areas now offer double fabric for when kneeling, there is space to add extra knee pads, and the kidney back is now positioned so when bending or kneeling protection is still there. Pockets are larger should you wish to carry an axe, flashlight, map.

These trousers are manufactured specifically for extreme use in the outdoors without adding extra weight and extra warmth to the lower half of the body. They work extremely well in all conditions, but the real benefits of these trousers is when the weather is at its worst and the environment is at its harshest. The Fjallraven Brenner Pro are made from G-1000 Silent, designed to make movement as quiet and easy as possible – in extreme comfort.

Fjallraven Bjorn Trousers (£160)

Fjallraven’s Bjorn trousers are a great all-round trouser, a brilliant pair with silent technology. G-1000 Silent is the amazing lining within these trousers, which eliminates all noise and rustling. Clever features including an inner mobile phone pocket make these some of the most impressive trousers on the market. There’s also an area for reinforced attachment of braces, paired with knee pockets, designed to fit the Fjallraven kneepads. These are a must for any outdoor enthusiast who walks a lot, and who wishes to keep noise and disruption at a minimum!

Fjallraven Timber Buck Trousers (£175)

The ultimate silent trouser for any sporting activity, combined with the most impressive extra silent re-enforcements and sturdiness. The Fjallraven Timber Buck trousers have pockets and adjustable leg endings, this pair are customisable to your liking and are the perfect accompaniment for a beneficial adventure. Our resident hunter has worked these trousers to the extreme throughout the UK winters and a very cold Northern European winter. He has also used them whilst working in UK woodland and day-to-day use on a local farm.

Fjallraven Drev Trousers (£170)

The Fjallraven Drev trousers are active hunting trousers in combination of G-1000® silent and stretch. With their Hydratic liner on exposed positions at the back and knee, they stretch under the waistband and at the back of the knee to allow freedom of movement. Plenty of pockets with an adjustable bellow with a mobile phone pocket tucked inside. The Drev is a technically advanced hunting trouser for active hunting in the field.

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Brand Focus – Habsburg

Prestigious clothing brand Habsburg prides themselves on their elegance, and ability to tailor their clothing for any occasion. In 1992, Habsburg was launched at Schloss Blühnbach in Salzburg, where Franz Ferdinand visited on a regular basis. His Imperial Highness Karl von Habsburg was a guest here, too. At the time, this unique family business successfully became one of the most respected apparel manufacturers in the whole of Austria.

The unique clothing Habsburg creates is of superior quality, versatility and displays a special, timeless design. Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg’s signature style is said to be a mix of tradition and contemporary fashion, incorporating the classic Austrian charm. The collections are not short of style and class.

Honing in on materials – loden cloth from Tyrol, cashmere from Mongolia and velvet and herringbone linen from Italy are just a handful of the superior fabrics that are used to make clothing at Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg. A few interesting skills are also used to craft and form each masterpiece – for example, precise hand stitching and embroidery.

Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg radiates unmistakeable and undeniable charm that is only sold by us, The Sporting Lodge, in the UK. View the collection at The Sporting Lodge, and look out for AW2014 arrivals coming soon!

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Just In – Our Three New Brady Favourites for All Seasons

The first bag in our trio is a little wonder. Crafted with beautiful Sherwood Green canvas and finest bridle leather. This Special Edition Ariel’s exterior is triple layered to withstand the elements, paired with strong brass fittings and a high quality bridle leather trim.

The main strap is adjustable, and the bag features two tackle pockets to store all of your essentials, as well as the generous main compartment.

Originally, the Brady brothers designed this bag for the female angler, all the way back in 1930! However, we believe anyone should wear this bag with confidence, channeling style into practicality to achieve a timeless look with an exceptional quality bag that will last and cease to let you down.

With rucksacks rife on the catwalks this season, the Brady Fairfield rucksack combines style with function. Brady is a brand that encapsulates style so effortlessly, blended with the practicality and timelessness of superior craftsmanship. This is a smaller rucksack, perfect for a day out in terms of practicality. Black leather and Harris Tweed exterior finish the bag off and make a piece that is hard to resist.

The Brady Pentland holdall combines famous Harris Tweed with bridle leather in order to achieve an exquisite piece with just as much functionality as well as style. This is the bag to have that will complement just about every outfit. This bag is a business trip’s best friend and even suits shorter overnight stays. ‘Superior English quality’.

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An Audience with Phil Raisbeck

We had a chat with British blogger and outdoor adventurer, Phil Raisbeck, ahead of his impressive participation in the Fjallraven Classic trek that’s set to go ahead on Friday 8th August. Phil is a regular customer of The Sporting Lodge, who has a great love for the outdoors.

Taking your Fjallraven collection into account, can you name your favourite item and what makes it so special?

That is a tough question. I have so many items now, it’s hard to choose a favourite as all their clothing and equipment are excellent quality. I’m torn between my most commonly used items of Fjallraven Keb Gaiter trousers, Fjallraven Ruaha zip-off trousers, my first Fjallraven trousers, Sarek, or the Keb hooded fleece jacket. I think for its multiple uses for more technical hikes, challenges and varying conditions I will go with the Fjallraven Keb Gaiter trousers, plus they are in my favourite colour of UN Blue.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Without doubt it has to being lucky enough to win 1st place for the UK in this year’s Fjallraven Polar back in April. It was such an amazing unique experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and made some amazing friends during the event.

Ahead of the Fjallraven Classic on Friday, what are three important steps you take to prepare yourself?

In the last few months I have been doing various hikes locally in places like Weardale, North Yorkshire, Northumberland and the Lakes. Doing hikes of various distances and challenges with the most recent ones carrying my Fjallraven Abisko 75 litre rucksack fully loaded with around 18kg in weight including everything I will be carrying on the Fjallraven Classic. You can be fit for long walks, but walking with a much heavier rucksack does make a huge difference, and you do need to practice carrying such weight before taking on a multi-day hike like the Fjallraven Classic.

Have you always been interested in expeditions and outdoor activity from a young age? What are your inspirations?

I did a little bit of outdoor activity many years ago in my teenage years, but then nothing for about 20 years. My recent outdoor epiphany only started in the summer of 2012, when my stepbrother Ian asked me to join him on his life-changing 250km trek through the French Pyrenees, where we did the Cathar Way. Since then I have been hooked on everything outdoors and this was followed by completing the 170km Tour du Mont Blanc trek last year. I’m also attempting to do the 282 Scottish Munros (though rather slowly, only done 4 so far!).

I’m always looking for my next adventure. Recently I went to Norway to visit my Norwegian Polar friend Jostein and we did an amazing hike to Trolltunga.

After the Classic next week I will focus on my next big adventure, which is the Toubkal Two Valley trek in Morocco this October. This will be the highest altitude I will have hiked. My ultimate goal is possibly ascending Mont Blanc after seeing it closely as I trekked the Tour du Mont Blanc, though I feel I need a lot more winter skills before I tackle that challenge.

What do you look for in the perfect piece of gear to accompany you in your travels?

That depends on how I intend to use them. If it would be for long multi-day trekking then one of the key thing would be the weight, however I also think ease of use and/or having multiple uses if possible is key and of course the quality. I find if you buy cheap you buy twice, and you really need all your gear to stand up to the challenges you face as you never know what to expect and can’t afford to carry spare items “just in case”, as this would add to the weight you would carry. So quality and practicality is key.

Any last words?

Since taking part in the Fjallraven Polar I have met some amazing people from around the world, some in person and some virtually online through my Outdrr blogging network and past Fjallraven Polar participants and it has been great sharing experiences with all of these people as well as planning many future adventures together.

Thanks a lot Phil! Don’t forget to check out Phil’s blog to follow his quirky and exciting documentation of various expeditions and adventures!