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Brand Focus – Hanwag


Since the early days of 1952, the brand Hanwag, originating from Bavaria, has furthered its journey from a mere man in the shoemaking trade to a world-renowned alpine and trekking footwear brand.

In 2011 the brand celebrated their 90-year anniversary, paired with the fitting slogan ’90 Years of Alpine Experience’. Since then, the practical people at Hanwag really focused on detail and needs of real people with the urge to explore, investing and expanding in walking and trekking boot models fit for different occasions.

Expertise and Specialty

With 93 years of experience backing this interesting brand, there’s no wonder that the finest materials and attention to ‘the perfect fit’ are elements that have been considered thoroughly, in order to help craft a service that you and your hardworking feet appreciate.

Designed originally for trekking and walking, it’s no surprise that materials donning qualities of robustness and durability to tackle the elements (such as GORE-TEX and waxed nubuck) make up each masterpiece of a pair.

Pride and Responsibility

Hanwag are friends of the fellow eco-head, and we love this. The brand make sure that all of the materials they work with are as eco-friendly as possible. These guys are nice to the environment. After all, without the beautiful peaks and valleys, we’d have nowhere to proudly walk in our trusty pair of Hanwags!

Hanwag footwear is available on our website and in-store.

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Brand Focus – Schoffel Jackets

Designed by British shooters with German quality

Our range of Schoffel jackets cater for the outdoor fieldsports gentleman with a penchant for the finest quality and the latest, impressive materials. Thorough planning and dedicated thought has visibly been injected into this brand – Schoffel have created not just outer layers, but mid layers such as the Schoffel Cottesmore Fleece.

We love Schoffel because it seems that they never fail to cover all grounds when it comes to comfort, style and overall exceptional quality. Schoffel do not go unnoticed, as the proud German name strongly suggests – they take pride in being the best that they can possibly be. Designed by British shooters The Ptarmigan has become the most popular shooting jacket on the market, made especially for British fieldsports. It provides comfort and weather protection and all that the British climate throws at it. Designed with ease of movement when mounting a gun, The Ptarmigan will always be a British favourite.

We stock a wide range of Schoffel products, including jackets on our website, and cater for all sizes on our website and in-store.

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Spotlight On: Trekking Trousers

At The Sporting Lodge, we pride ourselves on being able to cater for a large variety of outdoor activities, weather conditions and lifestyles. Our Fjallraven trousers are products that boast this speciality and prove that they can fit into your lifestyle just as well as you can fit into them.

The Fjallraven trekking range are offered in three families (or series). The Fjallraven Keb system consists of clothes and equipment for demanding trekking in challenging mountain terrain. The Fjallraven Sarek system is for long mountain trips next to the well-worn paths. The Fjallraven Abisko system is ideal when you want to move lightly, quickly and not have much to pack during both short hikes and treks lasting several days.

Fjallraven’s trekking range at The Sporting Lodge is where you’ll find clothes and equipment for different types of trekking activity, in varying terrain and climate zones, all year round. Everything from day-long hikes to longer expeditions that take weeks – or perhaps even longer. This range features clothes that protect against weather and wind, wick away moisture and excess heat, and allow you to move freely.

Some of our most durable Fjallraven trousers are designed for trekking. They are made from the special G-1000 fabric, which is known for being impressively water and wind resistant. We understand that to be able to move around freely, a particular leeway is helpful. We combat this with Fjallraven’s comfortable stretch panels which are woven into trousers such as the Fjallraven Abisko TrousersFjallraven Kalfjall Trousers and Fjallraven Keb Trousers.

As you’ll probably know, when trekking there’s a slim chance you’ll cease to perspirate – it’s a fact of life and it’s only natural! However, Fjallraven have really thought of everything, and to put your mind at ease, a built in membrane in the G-1000 fabric allows moisture to leave the body easier and in a more discreet manner. For trekking in warmer climates, you might also consider a pair of versatile Fjallraven zip-off trousers in light and airy fabric, which can be easily transformed into shorts – for example, the Abisko Hybrid Zip-Off Trousers.

We hope we’ve provided you with some ideas – and remember, we’re currently offering 30% off Fjallraven (RRP products only, excluding sale items) at The Sporting Lodge using code FJALL30 at checkout!

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Fjallraven’s G-1000 Fabric – An Overview

What is it? What’s the backstory?

G-1000 is a uniquely developed fabric originally curated by Fjallraven’s Founder AkeNordin. Whilst on an expedition, he decided to experiment with a tent fabric. Ake made himself the first Fjallraven product – a jacket. Beeswax and Paraffin (Greenland wax) were then added, and the fabric proved perfect for outdoor clothing.

What is it good for?

Both wind and water are resisted through this clever blend, as well as harmful alpha and beta sunrays. Durability at its finest. There’s no excuse to turn down an adventure when equipped with Fjallraven’s finest.

How do I care for it?

When Fjallraven’s famous Greenland Wax is rubbed into the fabric, the surface is protected and becomes water repellent. Because you are waterproofing your garment yourself, you can add the wax to suit your needs. For example, if you are trekking through dewy grass, more wax can be added to the areas you feel will be hit by water the hardest. For an overall waterproof jacket, the product should be evenly distributed over all areas of the fabric.

It’s warm outside, how can I wear the fabric and remain cool simultaneously?

Thankfully, Fjallraven have come up with a solution to this. Whilst the original G-1000 fabric is the go-to, Fjallraven have several other blends to cater for specific situations and preferences – genius!

G-1000 Silent

Ideal for hunting, the ‘Silent’ version of this wonderful fabric is brushed – the fabric is weakened but ensures softness and quietness when moving around. The Fjallraven Forest Trousers and Forest Parka are perfect examples.

G-1000 Lite

What it says on the tin – the ‘Lite’ version is lightweight and cooler – perfect for Summer or for one of those warmer days. The fabric is still woven carefully featuring ripstop threads – the durability of your product is still high, but the weight is low. Perfect! Fjallraven’s Reporter Lite Jacket and Vest are both available from The Sporting Lodge, and ideal for summer months.

G-1000 Eco

You don’t have to be the resident ‘eco warrior’ in order to pay that little bit more attention and care to your surroundings. This is an alternative with ecology in mind – same durability as the original version, but the cotton has been specially picked from certified farms. Take a look at the Fjallraven Gaiter Trousers No. 1 – the hardwearing fabric is perfect for long days spend outdoors, whatever the season.

G-1000 HeavyDuty

An extra strong version of the original fabric – used for backpacks and bags in order to provide the highest of durability! We recommend the Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 – a sturdier version of Fjallraven’s iconic Kanken backpack, which can be further protected from the elements using Greenland Wax.